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Coring Services

We provide Coring Services for Oil/ Gas/ CBM well. Our equipment are made in Canada and it’s supported by modern research and development with a fully-equipped laboratory as well as experienced technical supports.

Coring System

  • With coring , an interval of core can be removed from the bottom of the hole without tripping the drill string, in size of 1.1/2”-6” (depend on size of core pipe).
  • When we are ready to remove the core, an overshot is lowered on the end of wireline thru the center of the drilling string.
  • The overshot attaches to the back of the inner tube, the inner tube disengages itself from the core barrel, and wireline is used to pull the core back to surface for retrieval.
  • Then a second inner tube is dropped and pumped down the core pipe or drill pipe, locking into the core barrel, allowing for continuous coring runs.


  • Maximum Core Recovery
  • Maximum Core Quality
  • Optimize Hole Condition
  • Minimize Costs
  • Increase Safety