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Directional Drilling & MWD

a professional, knowledgeable and service orientated directional drilling company Well Planning Directional and horizontal drilling services and supervision Survey Management Services Performance Drilling Well Engineering

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Wireline Coring

The mechanics of wireline coring are basically the same as in conventional coring. The main difference is that the core can be retrieved through the drill string via overshot and wireline. The biggest expense to your coring program will be

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Mud Cooler And Strainer

Mud Cooler is very specialized equipment used in the high pressure high temperature drilling activities. Provide effective control of drilling fluid temperature considerably reducing the risk involved in such operation. Drilling

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An Injection Fall Off Test (IFO) program to acquire permeability data. We are a contractor will supply down hole equipment such as but not limited to, packers, gauges for IFO Test and IFO operations. Data acquisition and control equipment

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