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Directional Drilling & MWD Services

Directional Drilling is defined as the practice of controlling the direction and deviation of a wellbore to a predetermined underground target or location. Directional Drilling can obtain information, hit targets and stimulate reservoirs in ways that can not be achieved with a vertical drilling.
Directional Drilling Application :
•Directional Drilling allows for multiple wells from the same vertical well bore, minimizing the well’s environmental impact.
•Directional Drilling can hit targets that can not be reached by vertical drilling
•Directional Drilling can improve the productivity of wells in a fractured reservoir. This is done by drilling in a direction that intersects a maximum number of fractures. Drilling at right angles to the dominant fracture directions will drive the well through a maximum number of fractures.
•Directional Drilling can relieve pressure in an “out-of-control” well by drilling intersecting well.
•Directional Drilling can target multiple target zones, a very cost-effective way of delivering high production rates involves intersecting multiplet targets with a single wellbore.

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