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Passive Seismic

Passive Seismic

A new paradigm in Hydocarbon exploration using the nature seismic frequency ( passive seismic ) begin to used for many alternative  conventional seismic method ( active seismic exploration ) and now become a standard in exploration world.

This Monitoring seismic metode with nature source ( microseismic or ambient noise ) had been used for long time, such as to monitor the activity of volcano mountain, geothermal system, active fault monitoring, and near surface study.

The interesting fenomena found when measuring made on a recervoar of hydrocarbon, anomaaly frequenty shows between 2 – 4 Hz.With this method, its can be made as one indicator to find the hydrocarbon. This  method fully helps for expanding of new job ( before seismic 2D/3D made ), as supporting method in seismic exploration 2D/3D, to identify the prospect area and determine the position of drilling,to avoid the risk of dry-hole, also can identify the thickness of hydrocarbon on recervoar and then can make the estimation source of hydrocarbon and also can monitor the areas produce for long time ( EOR ).

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