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APS has a long standing and ongoing commitment to Health, Safety and Environment in all aspects of our operations. That commitment is to encourage the development of a culture within company that promotes continous improvement through awareness and risk reduction.
We believe that each employee can be a safety leader on the job simply by taking ownership of their own safety and making the health and safety of people around them a primary concern.
Our commitment to environmental management led P.T Andalas Petroleum Services to establish systems to ensure we meet or exceed environmental standard in all our activities.

We expect that all work will be carried out in a way that really pay attention to safety by all those concerned and for the work you will be safe and beneficial. PT. ANDALAS PETROLEUM SERVICES give special attention to achieve a healthy work environment, free from accidents and injuries through safe practices consistently.
Each manager is responsible for compliance with the regulations contained in the Book Management System Occupational Health and Safety, but more importantly is, all of us both personally and in groups, are required to use safe working procedures for the sake of yourself, fellow workers and the community.
The practices described here were taken from Government, Industry Standards & set of experiences of our predecessors and colleagues in the working area of ​​PT. ANDALAS PETROLEUM SERVICES.
If you are unsure of the correct way of working for a job, consult with your company leadership to obtain special instruction. Maintain a work environment free from accidents and injuries is an integral element of our Company. It is very important for successful achievement of all goals.
The objectives of the program are Safety conscious attitude in ourselves that it becomes an integral part of our lives, both within and outside the task. Safety consciousness will then become part of our family life and encouraging the growth of attitudes Safety priority in every action. Let us use this book as a guide for achieving that goal.

PT. ANDALAS PETROLEUM SERVICES has a major and ongoing commitment to protecting employees and property belonging to the company from a loss that is not desired.
Each activity has a major target company to achieve value without an accident. Supervision of each activity is responsible for all aspects of safety including the implementation of company procedures, laws and regulation in force, controlling the danger is not only done as a reaction to an accident or as a result of that inspection has been conducted in places work. Line management and the employees really can be more productive. It is necessary to ensure that a very important thing must be done first.To achieve this commitment and to keep in good working environment where safety is a top priority of PT. ANDALAS PETROLEUM SERVICES states:

Demand on each employee to perform all its operations by achieving the highest standards of safety with the goal of zero disabling injuries.
Conduct periodic checks to determine and reduce the potential hazard. Conduct internal audits in accordance with the program and following up the findings to prevent accidents as early as possible.
Develop training for all employees and encourage them to provide input by sharing information through a two-way communication system.
Develop an emergency action plan and its effective control procedures, whether for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection or security nature. There by reducing the negative impact on the Company.
Ensuring that all field activities have procedures for reporting accidents / incidents and any accidents thoroughly investigation, documented and recorded fees and charges.We believe that we all have agreed to prevent accidents, reduce hazards and protect property ownership as a philosophy of life.

It is a policy of PT. ANDALAS PETROLEUM SERVICES not going to tolerate against any form of alcohol and drugs, no matter how small the offense.
The following policy is expressly directed to:
The use of alcohol and drugs increases the risk of accidents. However the use and / or use of alcohol and illegal drugs or who is affected by such materials when work is not tolerated.
Prescription medicines and drugs obtained from outside may affect job performance. Talk about your medications and / or label rules associated with the risk work. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible when the drugs are being used so that the measures – safety measures can be taken. Employees are responsible for reporting the use of all prescription or non prescription drugs before starting work.
Line Managers and Supervisors are responsible to ensure that this policy is implemented.

Four Wheeled Vehicles or more:
The driver must be equipped driver’s license and through the practice exam before being accepted as a driver.
Vehicles must be inspected before it is run to ensure all equipment is functioning properly. Seat belts should always be used by drivers and passengers during the trip.
The maximum speed allowed is 80 km / h with the terms road conditions allow.
Two Wheeled Vehicles:
Riders must be equipped with a driver’s license. And pillion riders must wear standard helmets during the trip. In the interest of the Company, during rainy weather are advised to not drive two wheels, when the urgency to use four-wheel vehicles.

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