Welcome to PT. Andalas Petroleum Services

Mission & Vision

Andalas Petroleum Services (APS) is a local company committed to customer satisfaction oriented and service excellence.
”With experts of local knowledge, experiences and innovative team to adapt the oil, gas and geothermal industry needed, our company aims to be the number one partner for Indonesian customers in the INDUSTRY.”
”To provide superior performance and reliable results”.
1. Grow profitably in oil, gas & geothermal services market
2. Target Zero-continuous safety improvement.
3. Zero ethics violations.
4. Customer Satisfaction.
Added Value To Our Client
Each of our service segments are dedicated to Providing Superior Value for our clients, employees and investors alike through the following three foundations:
We invest in our employees with ongoing training in key areas such as safety and the latest industry knowledge.  We focus on building strong long-term relationships with clients in an honest and straightforward manner.
We strive to be the best in delivering all of our services.  We continually develop processes and equipment to better meet clients’ needs.
Competitive Pricing
We provide Superior Value at fair prices.  Client expectations drive our business so we grow in pace with their needs while maintaining profitability in the interest of all investors.
Safety & Core Value
Within our company safety is high priority and evident through the commitment and quality shown by all employees.
APS is very much committed to ensure safety for everyone in the organization, whether they are in the office or in the field.
Our goal is continuous improvement Risk management (hazard controls, behaviors) and pollution prevention are the focus All occupational injuries / illnesses and environmental incidents can be prevented line management is responsible and accountable for QHSE Employees are involved in the QHSE programs and activities at all levels of the organization Working safely and with regard for the environment are conditions of employment QHSE management and efficient production are treated equally with fully support potential is placed on human resources of Andalas Petroleum Services, we have a great success involving, proofing, and also taking responsibility to the completion of the project, some clients have already appraised Andalas Petroleum Services with excellent performance in services and trades. Leraning from strength, weakness, opportunity and threat, we are always giving a services with effectively and efficiency based on knowladge, technology and art efficiency.

Our Clients