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Hole Opener

Hole Opener

A hole opener is a device used to enlarge the borehole during a well drilling operation. It can be positioned either above the drill bit or above a pilot run inside the existing borehole.

Fixed Diameter Hole Opener are used for expanding the drilled hole. The cutters are manufactured under the severe quality control. The hole openers hare field maintainable with easy assembly and disassembly. All equipped with 3 or 4 cutters, as well as mud nozzles precisely located to clean the cutters and the hole simultaneously.
The Hole Openers are used for the following purposes:
1. When drilling of the big hole is not possible because on the rig capacity
2. When a satisfied penetration rate is not obtained in case of the big hole
3. When the hole direction must be controlled

Tool Features:
Hole Openers are designed specifically for big hole applications such as conductor holes and can open out from smaller than normal pilot holes in a single pass. The opener is a simple but rugged design. The body is manufactured from AISI 4145 H modified alloy steel, the saddles, ribs, plates etc., which complete the body assembly are welded onto the body. Saddles, ribs and other areas prone to wear are hardfaced for protection.
Excellent circulation is achieved by the strategic placement of nozzles between the cutters. The cutter assembly is a fully sealed unit comprising of large ball and roller bearing elements that give optimum performance. The bearing race of the cutter is rotationally held by a cam lock. Cutter assemblies are easily changed on the rig site using readily available hand tools.
Cutter types available are:
ST Soft Medium tooth type
MM Medium Hard tooth type
HD Hard Tungsten Carbide Insert type
The bottom configuration can be manufactured to suit customer requirements
i.e. bit box, bullnose etc.
When ordering or enquiring please specify:
1. Hole size
2. Pilot size
3. Connection / bottom end configuration
4. Circulation nozzle opening size

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