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Mini Frac Test ServicesFor Civil Engineering

Open Hole Mini Frac Testing

1. In-situ stress is an important design parameter for deep-buried tunnels.
– Rock bursting and large deformation due to tunnel excavation
2. Mini-frac test is the most reliable method in measuring in-situ stress condition.
3. On the basis of our strength in serving the oil/gas sectors, has expanded our mini-frac (openhole) service to tunnel engineering.

Testing Equipment

• Manifold system:
– Maximum pressure: 35MPa
– Maximum flow rate: 50L/Min; Minimum flow rate: 3L/Min
– Fine-controlled injection, flowback and bypass system
• Light weight pump (up to 60 MPa)
• Reusable downhole straddle packer:
– Maximum pressure: 85MPa(Diameter:33mm-190m)
– Testing interval: 0.5m-2.5m
– Equipped with downhole pressure and temperature sensors

Real Time Analysis and Decision Software

Deliverables From a Mini Frac Test, Openhole

Three principal stress components:
– Sv, Shmin and Shmax
– Direction of the principal stress (impression packer)
– Formation fluid properties, e.g., permeability

One Application of Mini Frac Test Results

Some Example Test