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PRCD 500 Series Specifications

The PRCD 500 series is based on the time tested, patented design that has been the cornerstone of Pruitt’s success in the drilling industry. The 500 Series Bowls are compatible with any ’ange or surface conductor pipe. Advances in R & D have led to the availability of the PRCD 508-G that requires no external lubrication,
eliminating the need for maintenance by rig crews. The clamping system of the 500 Series can consist of the remote operated hydraulic clamp, or the manual clamp style.
- Air Drilling
- Conventional Drilling
- Geothermal Drilling
- Manual or Remote Operated Hydraulic Clamp
- PRCD 508-G is maintenance free
- Compatible with Pruitt High Pressure Mounting Bowls
- Seal Elements for all mud types, air drilling applications and drill pipe.
- API Flanged Connection
- Weld-On Conductor
- Overshot Connection
- Swivel Mount Flanges
- Custom Bowls
- Flowline Isolation Valve
- Retrieval Sub
- Logging Adapter
- Trip Nipple
Custom Bowl sizes are available. Inlet €anges can be made with sizes ranging from 7-1/6”-3M to 30”-2M.