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Injection Fall Off Test

Injection Fall Off Test

An Injection Fall Off Test (IFO) program to acquire permeability data. We are a contractor will supply down hole equipment such as but not limited to, packers, gauges for IFO Test and IFO operations. Data acquisition and control equipment necessary to monitor, control and collect test results is required. Provision of a pump suitable for the operation and also Interpretation of the data.

IFO Testing Program

The Principal shall determine the testing programme which includes well location(s), timing and test interval(s) for each well.

The IFO equipment shall be safe and fit for purposes.

The IFO Testing Programme may change from time to time as agreed between the Principal Representative and the Contractor.  However, the IFO Testing Programme can only be altered by Notice of the Principal Representative.

The wells will be tested in accordance with an IFO Testing Programme as outlined in request for quote.  Each well will have a separate IFO Testing Programme which may vary depending on issues such as hole problems, absence or increase in number of coals expected, access issues or on unforseen problems when operating in a well bore environmen.

Service and Support

Facilities     : shall have at its disposal facilities to ensure timely and efficient maintenance and repairs of all major equipment and ancillary equipment required to complete the scope of work

Operations : hall take all reasonable measures to ensure all owned and operated equipment is maintained to maximise operational days available to the contract.

Testing Service:  Supply of equipment to complete the scope of work described herein.

Spare parts and breakdown:  Critical consumable spare parts shall be either held on site, or made available to site within 12 hours. We shall ensure that in the event of a major breakdown, personnel and spares are mobilised by the most efficient and effective means possible.

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