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SSi Artificial Lift System

SSi Lift System Overview

The SSi Artificial Lift System is :
• Designed and Manufactured by SSI Lift
• It is Ultra Long Stroke (+0 to 372 inches), Highest capacity (80,000 Ib) Intelligent Rod Lift System
• Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)

• Comprised of three main components:
• The pumping unit
• Power unit
Control and optimization integrated intelligent system
• Available in eight different models
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SSi Unit Key Advantages

- Easy shipping/transportation and installation
- SSI Units can be set up and running within 4 hours
- Only 1 truck with picker required for installation

- Changes in length and SPM are made without stopping the well
- All parameters can be adjusted via touch screen including speed (SPM) and stroke length
- Higher downhole pump compressions, due to independent length acceleration and
- Translates into less tubing and sucker rod wear, therefore fewer well interventions

- Integrated Pump Off Controller. No need for additional third party equipment
- SCADA ready via proven Remote Monitoring System; Remote access

- Most Suitable artificial lift system for heavy and extra heavy crude oil and wells producing
under EOR.